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Going the extra mile


Going the extra mile to ensure commodities reach their destination

How do you meet your energy needs when the river you rely on for resources runs dry? How do you protect continuity of supply during uncertain times? And how do you ensure timely shipment when every border your cargo crosses requires different paperwork, a different language, and deep knowledge of local customs and ways of working?

Distribution of resources at Kemexon comes
with added resourcefulness:


From liquid loads to solid fuel, biomass transport, and more, clients can collect from storage terminals in Europe, East and West Africa, and beyond, with commodities delivered direct via barge, truck, and rail.

Coastal Lines

Secure ship-to-ship transfer of loads from deep sea vessels to ships able to traverse shallower coastal routes. Every aspect of a cargo’s journey from deep sea to terminal is managed, from fenders and hoses to agents and inspectors.

Barging & Truck Fleets

Commodities are vigilantly secured at every step in the process, using barges to transport upriver as far as levels will allow. From there, transportation is handled by a network of logistical partners.