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Supporting global operations

About us

About us

Navigating the complexities of commodity trading demands expertise, especially in challenging supply areas worldwide. Simplifying this process, Kemexon facilitates the transition to sustainable supply chains in an increasingly eco-conscious world.

A trusted supply partner for a wide spectrum of clients

From sourcing to distribution, organisations of all sizes trade, transport, and finance a diversified portfolio of energy and commodities. Whether it’s extraction, refining, or final delivery, Kemexon serves as a trusted supply partner for a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from local gas stations to national utility companies.

Global presence

Decades of entrepreneurial expertise

As a privately-owned entity, decades of entrepreneurial expertise and a vast network of local contacts are leveraged to assist clients in managing their energy transition and seizing commercial opportunities in a changing landscape.

Key Numbers (2023)

>4M Tons


>180M USD



Ports in Operation


Vessels Chartered


Trucks Hired


Supplying the energy of tomorrow

Our vision, mission & values

Supplying the energy of tomorrow, leveraging expertise, agility, and financial independence to access innovative, risk-managed, niche opportunities for the benefit of clients, suppliers, and partners.

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