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Fossil fuels, renewables and waste to energy

Fossil Fuels

Trusted energy supply chain solutions from pit to port to market. A broad inventory of commodities is sourced, heavy investments are made in storage capacity internationally, and product development is supported to ensure that as clients’ priorities change, the necessary resources are always available.


Investing in next generation commodities today by empowering clients on their transition from fossil fuels to renewables. Wood pellets sourced from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, USA, and Baltic states are already supplying a growing market in northwest Europe and the Mediterranean. Multiple deep-sea storage facilities in France and Belgium provide the storage capacity to respond to scaling demand. The investment in next-generation commodities extends beyond wood pellets, encompassing biofuels to sustainable aviation fuels.


All biomass products traded are 100% certified, traceable, and PEFC, FSC, SBP/REDII compliant, ensuring that the switch to a greener energy source is environmentally friendly.


Waste to Energy

Assisting clients in rising to the challenge of sustainability and carbon reduction.

The challenge of working cleaner and more sustainably affects every client. Hence, an active partnership in global projects is maintained to make this challenge easier to meet. For example, aiding organisations in scaling climate-forward solutions such as carbon dioxide removal. These financing solutions are provided to local projects to create a global impact, assisting businesses in reducing their carbon footprint and generating voluntary carbon credits.

Initiatives to increase the sustainability of the global supply chain are supported across the globe.

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