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Fuelling tomorrow

End-to-end commodity sourcing, supply, and finance for today’s global market.

With a legacy spanning generations, commodities are traded across land and sea to meet the energy and production needs of organisations worldwide.


Backed by in-depth knowledge and insight, tailored financial solutions are offered to support commodity trading requirements. The commitment extends beyond mere transactions; investments in securing supplies and invaluable expertise are provided to facilitate the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energies.

About Kemexon

Supporting global operations

Established in 2012, Kemexon represents a fresh entrepreneurial spirit, built on decades of family experience and a historic foundation in commodity trading, particularly in energy markets across Europe and Africa since the 1950s. The distinctive edge comes from a private ownership structure, allowing for agile and swift adaptation to evolving market dynamics.

Global presence
Bold Ambitions

Sourcing, distributing, and financing energy & commodity needs

Understanding the ambitions of clients, reliable energy trading solutions are provided worldwide. With a global footprint, the transition from fossil fuels to renewables is facilitated by securing supplies even in challenging environments. Responsive financial solutions enable clients to achieve their goals efficiently and profitably, overcoming various challenges in procurement, financing, and distribution.


Fossil fuels, renewables and waste to energy

Fossil Fuels

Trusted energy supply chain solutions from pit to port and market


Investing in the next generation of commodities today

Waste to energy

Helping our clients rise to the challenge of sustainability and carbon reduction


End-to-end energy supply

In a global landscape where local expertise is paramount, the seamless distribution of commodities across borders is ensured. A network of specialists, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of regional intricacies, support the efficient navigation of logistical challenges thereby mitigating supply chain risks.


The right financial partner for producers, partners and clients

As a trusted financial partner, tailored solutions support producers, partners, and clients in commodity trading endeavours. Independence allows for swift, agile decisions, aligning with strategic objectives and maximizing opportunities in a dynamic market environment.

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Good partners. Good citizens.

Sustainable investing at Kemexon

Driven by commitment to environmental and social responsibility, active contributions are made to a cleaner, healthier planet. Through sustainable investments in renewable energy, carbon capture and waste to energy initiatives, positive impacts are made on communities worldwide.

Environmental initiatives

From renewable energy production and storage to actively seeking opportunities for carbon capture, investments in and support for innovative ventures in biomass are prioritized. Through commercial, financial, and technical endeavours, contributions are made to the ongoing energy transition. Efforts extend to assisting clients in achieving similar sustainability goals.

Supply on rail

In efforts to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting resources between production sites, refineries, storage facilities, and clients, rail transportation is increasingly explored as a cleaner alternative to traditional trucking methods.

Investing in biofuel

Recognizing the environmental benefits of biofuel over diesel, a commitment is made to investing in Sustainable Aviation Fuel, which emits fewer greenhouse gases and generates less waste, contributing to a more sustainable aviation industry.

Social impact

Operating on a global scale provides numerous opportunities to make a positive impact in the communities we’re part of. We contribute through job creation, active engagement, and support for local NGOs and private foundations. Within Kemexon, advocacy for equity, diversity, and opportunity for all is prioritised.

Governance Standards

Transparency, accountability, and integrity are the cornerstones of Kemexon’s operations, ensuring adherence to the highest ethical and legal standards. Discover more about the controls implemented to maintain these standards.