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Supplying the energy of tomorrow

Mission, Vision & Values


Supplying the energy of tomorrow, leveraging expertise, agility, and financial independence to access innovative, risk-managed, niche opportunities for the benefit of clients, suppliers, and partners.


Looking to the future, guided by a desire to support the energy transition in the choice of commodities traded. Continuing to shift from fossil fuels towards renewables.


Entrepreneurial and agile

Private ownership and an ongoing strategy of niche utilisation enable bold and ambitious actions. Embodying an entrepreneurial, swift, and responsive way of working that permits the capture of arbitrage opportunities in a volatile market.

Efficient and reliable

Committing to going above and beyond for customers and suppliers. Demonstrating commitment in action every day. Balancing the big picture with relentless attention to detail, excelling at delivering reliable solutions in an ever-changing landscape.

Experienced and respected

Proud of the reputation built for trusted, compliant operations. Placing great emphasis on ensuring systems and controls match ambition, applying the highest social governance and strictest management standards across the organisation.