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The Next 150

The Next 150

Capitalizing on synergies it shares with Kemexon – and the value added – The Next 150 is helping more organizations scale their climate-forward solutions.

About The Next 150

The Next 150 (the name relates to the opportunity for positive change following 150 years of industrial and agricultural disruption to the landscape) invests in and develops projects that have positive environmental and financial outcomes. It aids organizations in scaling climate-forward solutions such as carbon dioxide removal, leveraging green finance to give local projects a global impact. Since its inception, Kemexon has invested in and supported the growth of The Next 150.

Finding New Climate-Forward Initiatives

Kemexon’s relationship with The Next 150 is built on the synergies between the two businesses. Upstream and downstream, The Next 150 collaborates with Kemexon’s sustainably minded clients and partners to develop and/or finance new climate-forward projects. For clients already working towards reducing their carbon footprint with Kemexon, for example, The Next 150 might explore further opportunities, such as biochar’s potential to deliver high-quality carbon removal credits.